Saturday, 7 April 2012

Who's next for the Poppies hotseat?

As both players and supporters see out the last few games in an obvious state of disinterest, with only the carrot of keeping Bath City below us to spur anyone on, the club are sifting through CV's of men desperate to be the Gaffer for at least a couple of months. 

Quite why anyone looking to make a career in football would waste the escalating cost of a stamp on applying for the Poppies job is anyone's guess.  You certainly wouldn't leave a job to come here.  You might take a couple of months off from your day job to take over the Poppies, secure in the knowledge that you still had a real job to go back to. 

The names of a few of the quality applicants have leaked onto the interweb.  There's the usual suspects, such as Julian Dicks and Eddie McGoldrick.  Poor old John Beck has applied for the job for what seems like the tenth time - leave it John, have some pride for heaven's sake!

A couple of more wins, and Westwood might have been a shoe-in, but recent performances, excepting the viral advert for Betfair, haven't impressed.

There's talk, as ever of Cooper returning, although his abandoning of us this season has left a bad taste in the mouths of many supporters.  His reason for "stepping back?"  Imraan had promised something that he didn't deliver!  Wow!  Never saw that happening!  Who'd have thought it?  Poor old Coops.  How was someone who only worked for Ladak for three and a half years supposed to guess that he couldn't trust the guy!

The smart money is on Rolls appointing someone he has worked with for, so don't be shocked to see a manager with either Weymouth of Cambridge on their CV featuring on the back page of the ET, holding an upside down KTFC scarf above his grinning head.

As ever, time and the usual Non Park leaks will tell.

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