Tuesday, 30 October 2012

So, how has Imraan spent the past week....

A week ago Imraan was given 7-days by the Southern league to answer a list of unspecified questions(but we're pretty sure we could take a reasonable guess at most of them....)  Obviously since then he has striven day and night to ensure the survival of his precious club.

By one of those strange quirks of blogging fate which we seem to encounter suspiciously regularly, we have gained access to Imraan's personal diary, and can share with you his super-human efforts to breathe life back into his beloved Poppies.

24 October.  Met with Southern League.  Not sure how well the meeting went, but am pretty sure that they realised that by the end none of this was my fault.  We'll meet up again in 7-days when they'll no doubt agree with everything I said.  More than likely they'll bollock DRC for me!

25 October.  Called James Caan's mobile phone again and left another insulting message.

26 October.  Pulled an all-nighter.  Ordered in pizza and spent all night trying to thrash out the problems.  Was finally successful just before dawn.  I managed to reach level 4 of the new Resident Evil.  Woo-hoo!

27 October.  Played online poker all day.  Great day!

28 October.  See yesterday.  Also hid below window at one point when I heard a knock at the door, just in case KC or his heavies were there.

29 October.  Sent James Caan an abusive text- wicked!

30 October.  Went trick or treating.  Dressed up as Dracula.  Had a geat time.  Got loads of sweets.  Went to bed with a tummy ache!

31 October.  Woke up with nagging suspicion I had to do something today......  Oh yes, KTFC.  Dashed off a couple of texts to the Trust and Ken Samuels.  I'm sure they'll sort it for me.  Going back to bed as still feel a bit sick from yesterday.

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