Saturday, 23 February 2013

Aaaaagh! Not Redditch!

The "Redditch" of
third rate celebrity
Sometimes you can develop an aversion to someone, something, or someplace which you can never quite shake.  With regards to people there's obviously the creepy David Walliams, who even if he swam around the world for Comic Relief, still comes across as a bit too, er, Savillish for my liking.  My "something" that always creeps me out is tattoos, which if I lived to be a thousand, I would never understand why people have them.

As for the place I have an aversion to, well, that would have to  be Redditch.  We previously trashed Redditch in another blog a few years ago, and I have attempted to find that piece and include a link to it here.  However, after unsuccessfully trawling through the well over 650 posts on PATGOD to find it I gave up.  And wondered not for the first time about how badly I've wasted my life.....

Anyway....despite the fact that games at Redditch are usually more than averagely entertaining - including a 4 all draw and the epic FA Cup win there despite Moses missing a couple or penalties, I cannot bring myself to go back there again today.  There is something about the town, the ground and the support which is soul-crushingly depressing.  Has the sun ever shone there?  Or anyone ever smiled?  I have never once trudged up the pitch-black hill out of the ground there without promising myself this would be the last time I would ever set foot there. 

When we won promotion to Conference National and they were relegated into the Southern League I foolishly thought we'd shaken Redditch off for good.  Then we played them in two FA Cup games.  Then we were thrown out of the Conference to rejoin them in the Southern League.  And now, we occupy the bottom two places in this goddamn league, looking like we're going to spiral further down the footballing pyramid, tethered together.  Forever.

All we need now is for them to spank us too and my misery will be complete!


  1. "All we need now is for them to spank us too and my misery will be complete!" Enjoy that misery more to come next week I'm sure.

  2. More misery tomorrow?
    Lets hope the team try and put on a good performance for the 100 fans you have left that will turn up tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for your helpful comments.

    Very well typed considering your webbed fingers.

  4. At least they have their own ground unlike us sadly