Saturday, 9 February 2013

Oh no, don't do it!

By rights the news that Lewis Wilson has returned to the fold to shepperd us successfully into whatever division it is lower than where we temporarily reside, should be seen as good news.  His youthful endeavour, clever movement and eye for goal gave us, in December, the best Poppies supporting month for many years.  And this was no mean feat considering there was a 7-0 defeat in there!

Even the most wild-eyed optimist wouldn't give us even a glimmer of a chance of staying in this division next season hopefully Lewis can give us a few more moments to savour as we continue to spiral down towards park football.

Unfortunately for Dean,
Icelandic WAGS
lag behind their
English counterparts
However, there hangs over any returning player the permanent Poppies spectre of Dean Martin.  He of the incredible loan spell which had us salivating for more, which turned into the full-time signing where we were using that saliva to spit in disgust as he frittered away his talent and took pot shots at the cars parked at the Northfield Avenue Co-op.

What turned a man who looked like a world-beater into someone who suddenly looked like he couldn't be an egg-beater?  The thought that he was so good that he only needed to employ 38% of his efforts?  Who knows.  Unbelievably Dean is still going strong!  For the past decade he has played in Iceland (brr, I'm cold just thinking about that!)  He is currently player /coach at Íþróttabandalag Akraness,  "Why don't you give me a Í, þ, r........!"  helping them back to the top division a couple of years ago.  I bet you're thinking what I'm thinking - what, there's more than one division in Iceland!?

Anyway, I trust the lesson for Lewis is clear.  Get your head down.  Score shed loads of goals.  Keep the Poppies faithful happy.  Or end up playing into your fifth decade at a place just beyond the back of beyond!  The choice is yours!

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