Saturday, 2 February 2013

Ah, bless him!

It's nice to see that, if nothing else, Mario Balotelli has remained consistent to the end.  Apparently he hated everything about being in England other than his teammates and Manager.  Really?  Are those the same teammates that he used to believe were so far beneath him that whenever one replaced him from the substitute bench he threw a wobbler and stormed down the tunnel into the dressing room?  Or the same Manager he used to either entirely ignore or fight with?  What a prick!

Everything else about this country annoyed him it seemed.

Of course, he failed to mention whether his bloated multi-million pound contract was something he enjoyed or not.  He didn't mention whether earning more in a day for stropping around the Manchester City training ground than most people earn in a year made him feel happy or not. 

If you ever want to sum up all that is wrong with football in this day and age you need look no further than good old Mario.  An ungrateful, greedy bastard, overpaid beyond all measure by a mixture of swollen TV money, exorbitant entrance fees and dodgy foreigners with mysteriously acquired personal fortunes.  The Beautiful Game, eh?

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