Sunday, 17 February 2013

Being an ex-Poppy still counts?

Westwood then...
If Thomas Baillie is looking for some positives, or even a crumb of comfort from being our seventh manager in the past 18 months, he must have perked up watching yesterday's FA Cup games on the television.  Scowling instructions from the away dug out for Blackburn's win away to Arsenal was none other than possibly our most mercurial half-time orange slicer of all time, Ashley Westwood.

Obviously presiding over the start of the biggest slide a team has experienced in the history of football hasn't counted unduly against Westwood.  It would appear that the mere mention of the Poppies on your CV still opens doors!

....and now. Where's the
'tache gone?

In under 12 months Westwood has gone from being red carded for us against some pointless non-league crud to shepherding his players over to their fans to share with them the delight in knocking out Wrinkled Wenger's team of midfield show-ponies.

What next, Beck leading a team out against Barcelona?  Maison signing a player not solely based on seeing him on Youtube?  Or even Cooper eventually winning a game with Telford?

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