Tuesday, 25 June 2013

......Although I'm not sure what he's got to smile about!

You have to question Ritchie's sanity at times.  Off his own bat he has got us away from Non Park.  Kept us alive for most of last season at Steal Park.  Tried his damndest to get Lacklustre Park ready for next season.  Got Imraan to the point where all he has to do is sign his f*cking name on a piece of paper and we're rid of him forever.  Put HMRC in their place.  And now, when he might have felt that the great ship Poppies was finally responding to the tiller and starting to turn course, up pops Keith Cousins looking to whet his beak.

On the surface it looks a lot like Cousins has waited in the wings for the Poppies to achieve a modicum of stability before wading in and putting the big stick about.  And remember, this man has no interest in the Poppies whatsoever.  He let his own club at Non Park go to the wall without, seemingly, a second thought.  Why should he give a damn about us?

"Salute Poppies!"  Keith and friends
watch our fate with interest.
However, it could also be a ploy to force Imraan to sh*t or get off the pot.  Cousins is attempting to wind-up Kettering Town Management Ltd, which, as far as we can tell is Imraan and Ray & Jay.  As an unfortunate by product of sorting these shady sods out the Poppies as we know it could end with them.  But these days, what does "end" actually mean?  Ritchie has a ground and a team sorted out, along with a number of supporters who will still turn up.  All Cousins can actually do at the end of the day is stop us being called Kettering Town Football Club.  Hell, we've lost our ground, our position in the footballing pecking order, and most of our fans.  We are used to losing things, and I'm sure an AFC Kettering or suchlike could be just as sustainable in the short term as KTFC is now.

This move by Cousins could just as easily be a way of settling the ownership / Non Park position once and for all.  He knows that winding the club up means he gets nothing.  One suspects when he finished off the Scum he knew he had the gullible Ladak waiting in the wings to keep writing him big cheques.  Despite hopeful reports he must know that neither Coventry City or Posh aren't going to relocate to his pissy little stadium.  In a couple of years time he can plough the bloody place under the soil and build another stack of warehouses that are all this County seems to be good for.  He can forget about us and we can forget about him.

Hopefully Ritchie can give us a clearer indication at tonight's meeting of where we stand?  And how many more hurdles we need to clear before we are finally in a position to go back to simply moaning at our football team.


  1. Maybe he's seen us doing up "Lacklustre Park" and thought 'Hang on, they're spending money on that, but aren't honouring the lease, that's a bit weird.'

    That which he's totally entitled to do, it's not his fault that Ladak was stupid enough to sign KTFC Management Ltd up to a lease. He's a businessman and he wants his money. Business is business.

    Regards your points about starting again. I'm pretty sure most fans were against it, so why would that have changed within the course of 6 months?

    Just because we've got a ground and a team doesn't mean we'd be allowed to start the season if KTFC Management Ltd went bust (as I'm sure you know). We'd have to wait until 2014/15 to start up as a completely new entity in the UCL!

    You bleat about the tiny clubs we're facing in the SLP and the SLD1, well you'd love the UCL...

  2. Spending at Burton has nothing to do with KTFC Management Ltd. Therefore nothing to do with Cousins, or his "entitlement".

    One is being undertaken by a collection of volunteers. The other is a pointless company "run" by someone who has managed, though Christ alone knows how, to run a successful business outside of football.

    Most fans may have been against starting again when we were stuck either at Non or Steal Park. With the possibility of moving back to the Borough, perhaps more ex-poppies may be warming to the idea of football again? I don't know. Perhaps. Hopefully?

    And, yes, we're all aware that we can't simply change our name and carry on as though nothing has happened, and, I wasn't really suggesting it would happen this coming season.

    As for "bleating" about our, hopefully, forthcoming opponents, it is invariably done "tongue in cheek". They are playing at the level they are meant to be playing at. It will be the Poppies who are deserving of mocking for being down there with them!

  3. We are also playing at the level we're meant to be playing at.

    We couldn't compete in the Conference so we were relegated from it.
    We couldn't provide guarantees that we could sustain ourselves in the Conference North so we were demoted from there.
    We *really* couldn't compete in the Southern League Premier and so we were relegated from it.

    Therefore IMO we deserve to be at this level. The football pyramid is a good way of allowing clubs to find their level and, at the moment, our level is the level we're at.

  4. Hi KTFCJino, please don't stop sending in your comments as it's always great to get feedback, but at times you really have an instinctive grasp of the obvious, without the need for pesky nuance!