Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Has Imraan got rid of his old club?

With work continuing to prepare Latimer Park for the Poppies invasion force (if our header is anything to go by, this means shooing off the gulls and putting some sand down in the goalmouth) does this mean that Imraan is out of the picture?  Unless there is a deal either done or imminent you would question the sanity of committing money and man-hours to a project that could just as easily be popped at a moment's notice by our absentee supremo.

"I'm not really sure what I'm doing..."
Also. without knowing any specifics, it seems as though Non Park is becoming no longer our concern.  When it is discussed who might be playing there next our name rarely gets a mention these days.  I, for one, will miss the old place, with its host of good memories.  Such as beating the Direones there in our last encounter.  And seeing JP box the ears of Moses Ashikodi.  And...OK, so that's it!

But what if Imraan is still wavering over signing away the club?  Not that he's been involved for the past couple of seasons beyond trying to crowbar George Rolls into the equation.  Oh, and still dreaming of what might have been if we'd hung onto 1-0 against Leeds United.  Oh, and still leaving prissy messages on James Caan's mobile about the sponsorship money owed by DRC.  Or is his time taken up with his other "business interests?"  If so, our advice to Imraan is if it doesn't involve renting out doctors, don't bother as you're bound to come a cropper!

What can he still be waiting for?  Our thanks?  The magical, elusive payday?  For Ray & Jay to give him permission?  A big fat cheque and profuse apology from Caan?

Perhaps he is waiting for us to hit rock bottom before he accepts he f*cked us up?  I'd say that playing at Latimer Park in front of a few hundred hardy souls against the likes of Chalfont St Peter and Bidggleswade is pretty bloody rock bottom, wouldn't you?

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