Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Oh! That's what he's got to smile about!

Bloody typical!

I miss one Poppies crisis meeting EVER, and it's the first one that proves to be successful!

  • I left the Cornmarket Hall meeting in the early 80's fearing the worst.
  • I left the Beeswing in the late 80's feeling that the supporters had a lot to do to save their club!
  • I left the Ritz meeting hopeful due to the positive feelings, but worried we'd left it too late.
  • I left the Working Men's Club hoping for the best, but unsure the Trust could save the club.
  • I attended all the meetings at the Social Club with a sense of boredom and dread.  During these meetings I pondered such events as the Trust being reconstituted, a plan was hatched to ground-share with the local theatre (!), and the Asda plan was laid out, and almost instantly stolen by KBC!
  • I left Wicksteed Park knowing we'd been screwed over.
  • I left the Kimberley suite twice knowing the end was nigh.
  • I left the Strikers Bar worried that George Rolls wasn't perhaps the right man to take us forward.....
  • I even attended an earlier event at Northern Lights Club when Ritchie outlined his hopes for the future, and left thinking that this could never happen...

Now, when on holiday and with no way of attending a crisis meeting / fans forum (you decide) SOMETHING POSITIVE ACTUALLY HAPPENS!

Definitely won't attend the next one!


  1. You missed a good one mate.

    The moment when Ritchie signed that bit of paper was awesome! Proper I was there moment.

  2. Bully for you!!!! I'm just relieved it went well.

  3. Let hope we can concentrate on the football more now and not things off it

  4. Part time supporter Mr GL.



  5. I can only apologise, Mr Perry.

    Are you due to grace us with your presence any time soon? It would be good to catch up.

  6. Sadly not any time soon. Events finally seem to have taken a turn for the better and it is one of the few things I miss about the UK. I don't know when I'll next back back.

    By the way, apology accepted! :P

  7. Sadly not any time soon. It's one of the few things I miss about the UK. Things seem to have taken a turn for the better at last. I don't know when I'll next be in the UK.

    By the way, apology accepted. :P