Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ungrateful bastard!

I feel a bit guilty.

I know that a lot of people are putting in a lot of effort to ready Latimer Park for us to be able to use next season.  Trenches dug. Pylons erected.  Electricity installed. Lights shining out (which must be a shock to most Burton residents as they view proceedings from their wattle and daub dwellings.)

And yet, seeing the photograph of the pitch, barely illuminated by a few lights really brings it home to me just how far we've fallen in recent years.  Are we really getting excited by a handful of lights and a couple of yards of hard-standing in a tiny ground out of town?  I know, I know.  Ungrateful bastard!  And I do feel bad about this "bit of a wobble", particularly after gritting my teeth through the every home game last season.

My temporary "black dog" mood isn't helped by the fact that Rockingham Road is still sitting there, doing nothing whilst we scamper around the county looking for places to put down our jumpers for goalposts.

My ennui hasn't been encouraged to lift by trying to digest the news that KBC is putting their hand in their pockets again to continue to bribe lanky freaks to carry on playing at the "National Volleyball Centre" aka The Leisure Village Money-Pit".

The self, same council who HAVE NEVER LIFTED A FINGER TO HELP THE TOWN'S FOOTBALL CLUB seem content to fund this niche sport from the public purse, using the same reasoning that counted for nothing when the same ideas were applied to the Poppies.

If you can keep your dinner down, have a gander at this -

Or if you want to see how important the so-called National Volleyball Centre is to Volleyball England, you might want to look here, but make sure you have a magnifying glass to hand!


  1. Well, although I loved RR, it was only the stand that made it even slightly half-decent. The rest was awful. Surely if you wanted us to be in a nice, shiny stadium you'd be campaigning to have us move back into NP?

    At the end of the day is it really the stadium/ground that gets you excited? I think some fans need a reality check, we're down at this level because we can't compete financially or footballingly at higher levels (for now). So grounds like ours will be the norm in this division and TBH I don't see the problem.

    If we only cared about the stadium then nobody would've turned up at RR and thousands would've turned up at NP! We need to rebuild at this lower level and upgrade the ground whenever it's called for (i.e. if we get promoted).

  2. without a main stand or with RR is our Spiritual Home , to me it looks good all the way around a real football ground ....