Thursday, 20 June 2013!

If Ritchie does indeed manage to pull the Poppies plums out of the fire and (A) Get us back in the Borough, (B) Fight off all the winding-up orders, and (C) Kick Imraan and his mates into touch he can truly be said to have worked a minor miracle.

If he also manages to re-engage the potential Poppies supporting public and properly involve the supporters in the running of the club he might well be on his way to Legendary status.

How unfortunate then that whenever Ritchie is featured in either the ET, or online or even on TV, they only use one of two photographs.  Perhaps he should get a few head and shoulder shots done and hand them out!

Photo One - the dodgy, red-eyed, blow-up one.  This photograph
was taken at one of the early crisis meetings where George Rolls
spelt out his plans for his Events Company, Exhibitions and
Weddings.  Oh, and perhaps a bit of football.  This photograph,
taken at Non Park seems to have been snapped with
an old camera phone from Finedon.


Photo Two - The Mobster one.  In the only other photograph
ever seen of Ritchie he comes across as some sort of refugee
from a Guy Ritchie turn-of-the-century Gangster flick. 
You can almost here him shouting for you to,
"Keep schtum, you slag", and then heading out with
a bunch  lags who are tasty with their mitts to
do a blag up West.  "No bastard copper's taking me alive!"


  1. Love it mate!

    The description of the second photograph was very Sweeney!

    If Richtie does pull this off then he will be legend no doubt about it.

    1. Well, we did aim for a bit of a Viz, "Big Vern" vibe, but we'll live with the Sweeney reference!

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  3. be fair now, the first one was after a 14 hour flight back from HK and I then had to listen to George for what felt like another 14.
    the second Mike Kapp's took it (I think) I have no idea what I had done to upset him but that the pic the ET always want to use. I have asked for them to change it to my prefered snap when I had less grey hair and didnt need a face lift but no one will believe me when I say this is a fair likeness to me at the start of last season.

    I will endeavor to find something to smile about this season and hope someone is there to snap that moment for the ET.