Saturday, 9 November 2013

Come on you Reds!

With Chris Logan's "will he or won't he" situation still in limbo, we face the prospect today of attending a home game today and come face to face with a pair of home gingers.  Who knows, by the 3pm today the enormously glamorous pull of Desborough Town may prove to be too much of an attraction, and he will be on his way.

But, should he choose to remain with little old us, 1/5th of our outfield players could be Duracell tops, now we have Tommy Hull in our ranks.  And we're not talking strawberry blond here, or a Brett Solkhan, bit of a reddy-shade under certain lighting conditions.  No, we are talking f*cking scarlet!  These guys will get sun burnt from the light from an open fridge!

This situation doesn't sit entirely comfortable with PATGOD.  Many years ago we kind of instigated the chant of "FREAK!" whenever we came up against an opposition orange head.  It was a fun time when we set the agenda for terrace behaviour for an entire generation of Poppies fans.  Every week, another ginger and several bellows of "FREAK!" punctuating the afternoon.  Having handed this exclamation to the supporters it was taken on wholeheartedly, and even evolved over time.  One moderate afternoon suffering through a poor home performance was instantly lifted when an opposing player of slightly Mediterranean appearance found his every touch greeted with a chorus of "GREEK!"

It's just as well we don't have away supporters anymore or these guys could be in for a rough afternoon!


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