Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Eh? What?!

"Jon - I'm your man!"
Yeah, I read this story too and thought the same thing.  No, not what happened to Laurie Walker?  No, not are we really so far behind Brackley these days (although the insanity of that is never far from my mind.)  Or when will Turley f*cking retire and become a full-time low-life.

Obviously the real story in the above link is HOW CAN DARREN COLLINS BE ONLY 46?
Seriously.  How is that possible?  I'm absolutely certain that he was older than me when he played for us.  Now he's younger!  When did this happen?  Do footballers age differently to the rest of us?

Actually that last sentence is not as strange as it sounds.  One time Poppies sideways header of the ball, and PATGOD correspondent Guy Branston has seemingly been 31 or 32 since he joined us back in 2007.  Even now his age is given, usually when he is being loaned out or sent off, as 32.  Does he age slower than us mere mortals?  Or, is it the case that players who are 31 have a far better chance of securing a 2-year contract than a 33 year old?  That can be all the difference in the world when squeezing a last professional contract from an all to short career.

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