Sunday, 10 November 2013

The last link with Rockingham Road?

News that Brad Piercewright has probably left us means that none of our remaining players has ever played for us at Rockingham Road.  His arrival this season was a surprise to all.  When we thought about which link with Rocky Road we might carry forward for our return to the Borough most of us thought we might get some of the ground slabs, a bit of cover, or even the non-working clock - not a player from our distant past.

And, as far as I can tell, in Will (he of the powder-puff-penalty taking) we also have the last player in our ranks to have played for us at Nonce Park.  How quickly things turn around eh?

As hard as he tried for us, the image of Brad being roasted time and again in the first month of the season, as defeats piled up meant his time would be up once we acquired better defenders - enter Henry, and exit Brad I'm afraid.  And with him probably the last man to have played at our spiritual home.  Until JP arrives of course.......

Happier days for Brad in Tiverton.  And for us.

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  1. Dean Thomas has scored at Rockingham Road, so link still there just!