Friday, 29 November 2013

It all makes sense now!

With JFK's assassination anniversary in the news, conspiracy theories are very much in vogue.  There are many theories as to how the Poppies ended up where they are now.  I've always assumed it was primarily down to Imraan treating the club like a kid's computer game, but after reading this week's ET I am seeing things in a distinctly different light.....

The interview with Ken Samuel set me thinking.  The public perception of Ken is that he is a dedicated club servant, with "the Poppies" running through his veins like the lettering through a stick of rock.  After reading the interview my opinion had changed.


Think about it.

Imraan's disastrous Gazza period.  Ken was there.
Morrell's inability to get us promoted.  Ken was there.
Imraan and Cooper falling out.  Ken was there.
The Pickering's won't play ball.  Ken was there.
The collapse of the Asda plan.  Ken was there.
Shipping 4 goals in extra time at Elland Road.  Ken was there.
The silly "Rydan" white and red cross away kit.  Ken was there.
Project Non Park.  Ken was there.
The club signing players based on YouTube videos!  Ken was there.
Players not being paid.   Ken was there.
Managers not being paid.  Ken was there.
No drinks in Striker's Bar.  Ken was there.
Relegation from the Conference.  Ken was there.
Relegation from the Southern League Premier division.  Ken was there.
The lack of chips at Latimer Park.  Ken was there.
Parking ticket on my car in Polwell Lane!  Ken was there.
My not winning the Klondike.  Ken was there.

The evidence seems to speak for itself.  It's all Ken's fault!

You utter bastard!!!

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