Saturday, 26 June 2010

Build up to the Hun clash. Day Two - Herr Flick wades in!

German coach Hansi Flick, who, for the comedic purposes of this piece will hereafter be referred to as "Herr Flick" has weighed into the forthcoming World Cup clash debate. Actually, what he said was very reasonable and measured - quite boring really.

Er, and that's all we have.

We'll let you mentally fill out the rest of this article, remembering to include the phrases, "Fallen Madonna", "Big Boobies", and "Flick the Gestapo, no I said Flick the Gestapo!"

If you decide to really go for it, try working in such favourites as, "You stupid woman!", "OOOOHH REEENEE!", "I shall say zis only once", "Good Moaning" and references to a "little tank".

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