Friday, 4 June 2010

"Welcome Home -

Come on in, and close the door!"

With the news that a number of former Poppies are returning to Rockingham Road like human-shaped, red-shirt-wearing homing pigeons, we wondered who else amongst our rejected former heroes might be next?

With Tommy, Luke and Iyseden all returning to the Elgood's coop, speculation rages over whether the likes of Johnny Graham, Carl Alford, Roy Clayton or even at a push, Jason Lee might be coaxed back to lead our attacking line in the upcoming season.

Perhaps Big Ron will reappear to offer help and guidance from the sidelines once more?

Or Morrell to cuff a few of the players?

What about Big Cyril lending his astute business acumen?

Or Peter Mallinger waving his patented begging bowl?

The options seem endless!

However, it remains to be seen whether the invitations to return to Rockingham Road will be accepted by the hundreds of supporters who had also ventured to pastures new over the last couple of years.

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