Sunday, 4 December 2011

We're All In This Together

With some negative people spreading unnecessary and frankly unhelpful rumours lately, we're all indebted to Mr Ladak for breaking his silence and giving us an update on the club’s position.

So what do we know now?

1. We’re still owed 150K by a sponsor, and if we get the whole amount, preferably in a great big suitcase, by tomorrow morning, the players will get paid, otherwise they won’t get a penny, which is all they deserve anyway for being so poor.

2. It’s not just Imraan who’s feeling this pain, it’s his fellow investors too. Initially I thought he said Jay Kay, which just made me feel even worse – the Jamiroquai frontman surely serves better than to see part of his fortune disappear because of us. Obviously it’s still pretty gutting that poor Jay and Ray maybe won’t recover the money they sunk into KTFC, which is rotten luck when you consider how much profit can usually be made out of investing in non-League football.

3. Top marks to Imraan, he’s big enough to admit he made mistakes in his detailed planning. There was a slight over estimate, give or take 250%, of how many fans would embrace the move to Irthlingborough. The team failed to win all of their opening 15 fixtures, despite occasionally looking good in pre-season against half hearted opposition. Local businesses, completely against expectations, didn’t jam the Nene Park switchboard with corporate bookings, opting instead to save their cash to keep themselves afloat in a recession. However it was good to see that Imraan had no regrets on the really key decision – his choice of manager. Thank goodness he got that one right!

4. The Conference will be technically in breach of their own rules if they don’t allow us to sign schoolkids to enable us to be hit for 9 or 10 this side of 2012. Imraan has written to them to point this out, and with all the credit and goodwill he has stored up at Conference HQ, there’s no way they’ll put his letter at the bottom of a very large pile.

5. Poppies legend Nathan Koo Booth has moved on. Apparently to Spain, presumably as part of a cultural exchange involving Jamie Navarro. We hope he enjoys his stay at Real Madrid and is just as big a hit.

6. Imraan will sell the club just as soon as the right person comes along with a real plan. Obviously it will have to be an improvement on what's already in place, a tall order you might think. Luckily we have the answer if any prospective buyer is short of writing material...

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