Friday, 2 March 2012

With friends like these......

I'm afraid I have a very simple, black and white attitude to supporting your football club.  If you attend the games you are a supporter, if you don't you're not.  Sure, you may have an interest in the results, and would rather the team win, but if you don't attend the games how can you be actively be said to be a "supporter?"  In what way can looking up the score on Teletext be seen as supporting your team?
"I'm sure Yaxley is around here somewhere...."
If you don't see the games how can you pass judgement on the events?  Or have a worthwhile opinion on anything to do with the club?

Worse still, in our current life-or-death situation, choosing not to watch your team play football, or help to ensure their continued survival, may push us over the brink.  Choosing to abandon your club in its hour of need in favour of not attending games, or, God help us, watching another team, is frankly beyond my understanding.

The need to not be seen as supporting Ladak has become poison in the blood of far too many Poppies fans.  How are they going to feel when Ladak departs, but our club doesn't survive?  Will they be devastated?  Will they regret not doing more?  Or will they wrap themselves up in a cloak of self-satisfaction that they didn't prop up Ladak's regime?  True, the club may have ceased, but they kept themselves pure.

If so, hopefully this will keep them warm when they are reduced to continuing to watch fifth rate football on bobbly pitches in our potential post-Poppies future.  Because, let's face it, unless you have a vested interest in one of the teams, low-level football is never likely to provide a sparkling afternoon's entertainment.


  1. Far too many of our so-called fans cant wait for us to go bust just so they can say I told you so and laugh at Ladak. Poppynets full of them. let them fuck off to Brackley if they want. Then crawl back if we survive acting like billy big-bollox poppies fans again.

    1. Not sure this is fair. How else can fans show their displeasure with IL except by not going to games? What else can hit him? don't know if announcing that you'r e going to another teams game on the supporter forum is the best way of highlighting it though.

  2. plastic supporters.

  3. Funny how the Brackley 3 go on about their great away support. How does that help the Reds? Paying to get in at Hayes and having a good piss up may be fun but doesn't help the poppies survive does it.