Friday, 15 March 2013

POSH! Don't do it!

Rushden Town - no more
Irthlingborough Diamonds - no more
Scum - no more
Poppies - hanging on by the skin of their teeth

How many more clubs want to take on the curse of Non Park?  Whilst we appreciate that clubs such as Coventry City and Peterborough United may be using that grizzly hole as a bargaining chip to get better terms at their own grounds we feel this warning is the least we can do.

Who's next to threaten a move to the back of beyond?  Manchester United looking to trim a few quid off their rates?  Barcelona looking to force the hand of their local government to build a jacuzzi block?  AFC Scum to have the last laugh and go home because Wellingborough won't let them paint over their name on the Dog and Duck gates?

Obviously no club which has a level-headed Chairman with the interest of his club's supporters in mind would dream of getting entangled at Non Park.....hard luck Posh!

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