Sunday, 31 March 2013

Roll on next season part 2

We're all busy pondering which league will have the benefit of our patronage next season.  Currently it looks like a toss up between the Southern League Midland division and the Northern League Southern division (where's the Midland League, Midland division when you need it?)

A George Hepplewhite chair -
more Wycombe than Kettering...
Given that in the past 10 seasons we've graced the Ryman League, the Southern League, Conference North and Conference National, you've got to have been unfortunate, as a non-league club, not to have lined up against the Poppies in recent years. Add to that the smattering of non-league teams currently plying their trade in the Football League and it's pretty hard to look at many divisions without finding someone we've gifted 3-points to.

And yet it used to be so different.  Prior to relegation into the Southern League a dozen or so years
ago, we'd become part of the furniture of the GM Vauxhall/Conference/Gola League.  Never quite a prized Hepplewhite, or Chippendale, but more of a comfy DFS sofa, with bits of the padding protruding from the sides.  How we used to chuckle at the Frickleys, Fishers and Leamingtons, and their passing dalliance with the "big time" whilst we remained as an almost fixed point in the footballing firmament.

In reality though, the main difference between then and now was the fact that 2000 of us used to moan about the club, rather than 200 now!

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  1. I hope the Southern League Midland Division as
    I will be able to watch more of their games. Up the Poppies!