Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The best idea I've had so far today

Listening to the radio and hearing that our illustrious county footballing cousins Northampton and Brackley have away fixtures this evening at Morecambe and Workington respectively has made me almost glad we're in such a Micky Mouse, regionalised league these days!

Freezing conditions, several hours travelling and returning home in the early hours of Wednesday morning is all the promotion chasing teams at Brackley and Northampton have to look forward to. 

Wouldn't it be a far better idea for everyone to stay local and, say, Cobblers play Brackley, and Morecambe play Workington for league points instead?  "But", I hear you cry, "They are in different divisions.  As well as being impracticable, illegal, and unworkable, it's also deuced unfair!" 

That is why I've also just invented the sliding scale of "Goal Head-Starts and +/- home advantage", the number of which depends on the difference in divisions and who was supposed to be at home.  In this case  Workington start 3-up and Brackley start 2-up against their higher placed opponents.

This may sound nuts, but I'm willing to bet that there are a few dozen Cobbler fans scrapping ice of cars and eyeing the forecast nervously who would be prepared to give my new scheme a go.  And who knows, there may even be at least one fan from South Northamptonshire's footballing hotbed who may benefit also!

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