Sunday, 10 March 2013

Welcome to our happy family

If nothing else, it has the makings of a good quiz question: which club was relegated three leagues in two seasons?  As we prepare for what it is hoped will be a soft landing into the next division down, whether it be Evostik Village Club North or South, it seems fair to assume that any supporter who has stuck with things thus far is probably in it to the end.

In fact, bizarrely, there are even a few who seem to have STARTED supporting the club this season. We know of at least one who chose to invest in a season ticket after decades of non attendance – which depending on your point of view is either a stirring example of loyalty, or dementia.

I’d love to ask one of these new fans, in the style of Mrs Merton, what first attracted you to the ruined ashes of Kettering Town? It certainly wasn’t the excitement, or atmosphere, or a positive points tally. 

Maybe the appeal is spiritual.  What could be more purifying than atoning for your sins by doing the modern equivalent of thrashing yourself with birch saplings? Whilst watching a thrashing.

Anyhow, we’re very glad to have all the support we can get. Every fan is numerically quite significant – as much as 0.5% of the attendance. Bring a car full and add a couple per cent to the gate.

And next season, who knows? If we are officially Ladak free and no longer a toxic brand, and playing back in the borough if not the town, those who have quoted one or both as their reasons for staying away will hopefully reconsider.  This will hardly lead to a surge in support, not at 8th tier level, but even an extra 100 would be valuable in a league where double figure attendances are the norm.

A return to Kettering in its broadest sense would also, we hope, lead to a union of KTFC and KFC before the split gets too entrenched.  As a fledgling, effectively youth team set up, KFC could become the under 18s – assuming it is possible to tell the difference between all the under 19s in the first team. Again this would bring a few more back into the fold and prevent a lasting rivalry that would benefit neither club.

All this presupposes of course that egos and personalities don’t get in the way. Bearing in mind the talent that Poppies supporters have for falling out with each other, that might be optimistic.

This is the club that for years ran separate buses for drinkers and non drinkers, with all the mutual goodwill and tolerance of Celtic v Rangers.  Not to mention the pro and anti Trust factions and all those with a grievance about somebody or something else  - often dating back to the days of John Nash.

Perhaps what is needed is a peace and reconciliation process led by a figure who is loved and respected by all. Anyone got Mo Farah’s number?

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  1. Better question! Which club would have played at (or squatted at) 4 different grounds in 4 years. Miserable fact after miserable fact.