Saturday, 9 March 2013


Whilst we all appreciate the ongoing efforts of numerous worthies to see out this season and jealously guard the 2-match unbeaten run we are enjoying, deeper, more pressing issues continue to bubble away.

We all hear stories of Imraan (remember him?) falling out with Cousins, and not paying him his outrageous rent anymore.  And tales of Non Park being readied for someone to play there.  And suggestions that work at Burton Park Wanderers is far more advanced than suspected. 

We've been living hand to mouth for so long that we've kinda forgotten the fun of speculating and making wild, unsupportable guesses as to what is happening at our football club.  Are we about to be released from our Nonce Park Noose?  Will Coventry City be putting us out of that particular misery? Or are AFC Scum "going home?"

It's an "If", and a big "IF", but what if a greatly reduced Poppies emerges from the wreckage of Imraan's tenure with a club free of both him and his "Project Non Park" pretentions?  A new start in a BPW Southern League Midland division.  OK, it's a million miles away from where we believe our club should be.  But surely the chance to re-constitute a club and start again with a fresh slate doesn't come along everyday.  We might have the chance to fashion a KTFC we can be proud of, rather than one we are a bit embarrassed by.

The sooner we have some real news about our future the sooner the fightback can begin.  C'mon Richie et al.  Give us the news that the Poppies can start looking forward again rather than back!  There is the possibility of us spending a generation in the wilderness, but given the choice of that or oblivion, I know where I stand!


  1. "a KTFC we can be proud of, rather than one we are a bit embarrassed by'

    A bit embarrassed......don't make me laugh!

  2. IF AFC scum do get there home back i hope KTFC can get theres back too !