Thursday, 5 September 2013

Football backing the Poppies

The number of news stories, across the television stations and the Internet has shown that many people beyond we Poppies fans want to see our club survive this latest attack by bloated businessmen to screw more cash out of us. 
This man wants to kill our club. 
We say, pay him, then f*ck him!
Some because they can't get their heads around why a club over 140 years old can be allowed to end.  Some because they hate the way money in football is held in so few hands.  I assume some back us because they hate Keith C*ntsins as much as we do?

If you haven't yet donated to the "Save Kettering Town" appeal on Just Giving, now is your chance.  It could be your last chance....

Other sites that have caught wind of what is happening to us have been quick to jump to our defence and help promote a united front against C*ntsins.

With all these people, and many others supporting or at least bringing attention to our cause, it really is the time to stand up for the final time and fight to save our club.

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