Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Twenty Thousand Reasons

Well, with a couple of curious amounts appearing on our "Just Giving" page, including one which prompts the disquieting image of club enforcer Ken Samuel "leaning on" Sid Chapman for a donation, the £20,000 figure we have been asked to raise has now been pledged.

Personally I didn't think we had a chance of raising this sum.  Historically, far too many Poppies fans have given the impression that as long as they paid the entrance fee to have a good moan at the team, someone else would always be there to sort out problems and make up shortfalls and basically ensure the club continued. 

Given that supporting the Poppies over the past few years has become less a case of our team entertaining us than them waging a war of attrition against us, perhaps we have whittled our support down to a stubborn hardcore of nutters?  A small, hardened group of people so dedicated to their club that they will put up with almost anything as long as it bears a Poppies logo.  No level of football is too low.  No football ground is too basic.  No Mickey Mouse opposition (who still beat us) with barely triple-figure attendances, is too disheartening.  Perhaps we have reached the perfect supporter profile where the few left are entirely, 100% dedicated to their club, no matter what?

Now we few, helped by people from all levels of football, have raised the £20,000 asked of us.  Will it help?  God knows.  The club has been wound up.  An additional £50,000 is required.  There is no certainty the Appeal will be successful.  The Judge could have a row with his Missus on the morning of our appeal and confirm the winding up petition out of spite.

We can only hope for the best and that any or all of the following occur -

  • Ritchie and C*ntsins come to an agreement, and this time C*ntsins doesn't renege again.
  • C*ntsins accepts an enormous cheque, or falls off a cliff.  Either works.
  • The wife of the Judge at our Appeal decides to pleasure her hubby excessively on the day we're in court.
  • Our 20K somehow helps to finally secure the future of the Poppies.

Hang on, does that mean I actually have to pay that money I've pledged?  Bugger!

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