Saturday, 28 September 2013

Poppies time on death row continues to bore

With the date of October 7th jotted in everyone's diary as the day that a Judge either overturns our winding-up order, or the Poppies cease to be, there is little to do now other than catch a few football matches and bide our time.

The calm which has descended over Poppydom masks the passion and anticipation we all feel for the club and the hoped for survival.  We know that this is the last chance, and also the last hurdle to clear in extricating ourselves from Ladaak's reign.  Success means we can truly start again with a clean slate.  Failure?  Well, we can all go and find something else to moan about on Saturdays.

From the outside our calm must look a little bewildering.  Things are very quiet for a good reason.  We've been here too many times to waste our time gnashing our teeth and beating our breasts. 

It really does feel that for the past 12 months almost every game we have attended has been dubbed, "possibly the Poppies last ever game".  You can't play and support under this sort of constant pressure without becoming just a little blasé about the goings on at Kettering Town FC.

For now I'll welcome Northwood to Latimer Park, wonder why Alumasc won't let us use their empty carpark, hope a house falls on Keith Cousins, and hope to finally see us win a game!

Poppies fans "Laughing in the face of fear, and
tweaking the nose of terror"

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