Sunday, 29 September 2013

Good day at the office for a change

Yeah, yeah, another win.  Henry dominantly back at the heart of our defence.  Wilson looking sharp again.  Another good crowd.  Blah, blah.

All well and good.

More importantly, yours truly finally felt the benefit of the good grace of some higher being, and won the Club 200 draw at half time!  Finally, after decades of shelling out for Club 200, 500 Club (when we were bigger!) and Klondikes, my  number managed to match the number!

The official position is that I don't care about winning, as the money spent is all going to the club anyway.  Buying raffle tickets at pretty much every home game I have attended since the late 1970's, and the Trust's various draws for the past 10+ years is just part and parcel of supporting the Poppies.

All b*llocks of course!  The amount of money I'd thrown at this ungrateful club has driven me to be a sad, bitter, twisted figure for much of my adult life.  Nothing is more certain to cause me to rant about life's inequities more than trying to mentally tally how many tickets I'd bought, and how much money spent over the decades without even getting close to actually winning something.  This was brought forcefully home to me last season, when I still couldn't get close to winning the Klondike at Steal Park even when, on some of those frozen, grimly-spartan Wednesday nights, I must have bought most of the bloody tickets!

More annoying than the Klondike was the Club 200, a patently evil entity, which I have diligently entered every season since it's inception.  Statistically, without even trying, I should have won it two or three times by now.  Everyone seems to have won the bloody thing.  Some twice.  Some twice in successive games...... Poor old JC, whilst, I think, congratulating me yesterday on my good fortune, told me he had never won it either, despite entering every year.  Well, tough-titty JC, because I have!  And that goes double tough-titty to anyone else who hasn't won either!

The club shouldn't worry too much about this win turning my head.  I'm pretty sure they are going to get most, if not all of it back off me!

Now I've joined life's winners I resolve that the cynicism and misery of my former days are behind me, and that each new day will be treated as a blessing to look forward to.  At least until the Appeal on the 7th October.  Shit!  I could be the last ever Club 200 winner! 

That's certainly darkened my mood again.

"£63 you say?  I'm gonna
spend, spend, spend!"

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  1. That had me in stitches mate! Spend it wisely !