Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ta La Me Ducks?

And so to Latimer Park yesterday for the latest instalment of Possibly The Last Game Ever, cameras and gallows humour at the ready. That’s not to underplay the seriousness of the present situation – we have flirted with disaster many a time over the years, but being officially wound up by the court is a first even for our poor beleaguered Poppies.

But if many in the crowd were fearing that maybe this really was it, they disguised it well, with raucous support and no apparent intention to give up the struggle just yet.

Aylesbury arrived in charitable mood and allowed us a two goal head start, presumably instead of a Just Giving contribution. However, unused to such generosity we gradually let things slip, as the Ducks waddled back into the game and we went from Lame to Sitting en route to Dead.  An old wartime bomber flew overhead – knowing our luck, it had us in its sights (you wouldn’t put it past Cousins). The lads behind the goal broke into a Dambusters chorus.  Facing yet another defeat, DT drew upon all his management expertise and identified a possible solution – bring on our one quality striker!  Left field I think you’ll agree, but sometimes you have to think outside the box.

Suddenly things started to happen. First a missed penalty, then a messy equaliser from the inspired substitution, then an equally messy winner.  Messy but miraculous in the circumstances.  It was as if someone up there (and I don’t mean the bomber pilot) decided that after two years of unrelenting punishment, we deserved just a little bit of joy.  Everyone in the 749 crowd apart from a few visiting Ducks left happy. Even their chubby keeper didn't look too sorry, but maybe that was the thought of an imminent giant packet of pork scratchings.     

If this was the last hurrah, it was at least a proper hurrah, not another 7-0 thrashing with ten men.  Hope the Sky cameraman captured it all for posterity.  Here’s my contribution.

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