Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Just what can £70K buy you nowadays anyway?

It's looking like it's time to dig deep again in order to make a very rich man just a little bit richer.

But what could we buy with any funds raised?

100 Million = pay off C*ntsins and buy Gareth Bale.

100K = pay of the C*ntsins, and have 30K left over to perhaps put some more hard standing around the perimeter at Latimer Park.

70K = pay off the C*ntsins and gob in his face when we hand over the wedge.

58K = pay off the figure C*ntsins originally pulled out of the air for us to pay for a ground we couldn't actually use.

50K = pay off the figure agreed between C*ntsins and Ritchie, before C*ntsins remembered what a c*nt he was and upped the amount.

£300 quid = pay a very uncouth Eastern-European, underworld type to arrange for a regrettable but especially messy accident to befall a certain local businessman of moderate repute.

PATGOD would be happy to start the collection ball rolling with an initial payment of, say, £300....

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