Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Poppies at the Gates of a New Dawn?

Assuming the funds required by C*ntsins are in place, and are paid in the next 28-days we are going to finally pull ourselves clear of our previous nightmare existence.

No more Ladak
No more Non Park
No more Morrell
No more A6
No more Rolls
No more scumbag landlords
No more dodgy property owners
No more poxy electronic scoreboards
No more cold chips
No more paying three quid simply to park and shell out another 18 quid to watch your team not try
No more waiting for DRC to find their chequebook
No more f*cking Kimberley Suite
No more Strikers Bar with no bastard drinks

141 years and counting.  Put that in your pipes and smoke it all your Direone and Jock whingers who were hoping for us to fold.  The Direones didn't even last 20 years, and the irrelevant plastic jocks would have folded years ago if their council didn't build them a new ground every decade.

Mid-afternoon yesterday the news came through that we had been reprieved at the High Court and that the Poppies could finally peep out from under the cloud of the constant horror show that supporting the Poppies has been over the past couple of years.

We may well be at a mortifying low level of football, but we are still playing football!  We have honest people running the club, people who are fans of the club.  We can now start again and build properly for the future, building a sustainable club, and avoiding the boom/bust mentality of the Ladak days.  At least that's the theory.  I'm sure that by the weekend some of our more vocal complainers will be demanding managerial changes galore and hosts of expensive players to be signed.

And tonight we have managed to overcome the mighty Romulus (yes, a real team) and head into the FA Trophy first round proper, only 6, 7 or possibly 8 straight wins from Wembley!  Halcyon days!

It almost makes you glad to be a Poppies fan.


  1. The trouble is now, when we play teams from a different division, I don't know if that's higher, lower or the equivalent but in a different part of the country.

    Since when did you pay 3 quid? You don't drive do you? hah

    I'm glad it looks like there will still be a team for me to watch each time I go back.

  2. I'm really gonna miss that excellent Chinese takeaway though........ {:-)