Friday, 25 October 2013

Can this level of football become any more Mickey Mouse?

Farewell then to Scott Cross, who left Daventry for us for all of a week before returning whence he came.  Patgod would like to place on record our thanks for Scott's efforts, and indeed his goal in last week's defeat to AFC Hayes - the all important consolation strike.  Not many Poppies players end a stint with us with a goal to game ratio of 1:1.  Who knows, during his third stint with us I may even recall him!

It does seem as though the players in this league flit around between teams on an almost hourly basis.    Seen from above this League must look like the world's biggest musical chairs game.  The registration office at Southern League HQ must employ the same number of people as Northants County Council, and that's only to keep track of Poppies player movements.

Apparently, earlier this week it looked like our front line for the Chertsey this weekend was likely to be Lewis Wilson and Scott Cross.  Now, it's looking more like whoever turns up early on the day and /or fits the No.9 and No. 10 shirts best.  And that includes Stewards and bar staff.

If we'd needed to put names on the backs of shirts this season there would have been every possibility that we'd have been well and truly back in debt by the end of this season, if only with our kit supplier.  That said, we're saving a fortune on loyalty bonuses and testimonials!

Scott - giving the Poppies the cold shoulder (groan!)

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