Sunday, 6 October 2013

Rounding the final bend

By this time tomorrow we will either be drowning our sorrows at the final end of the Poppies, or celebrating our survival in the only way we know how - by demanding Thomas's sacking / more terracing / better players / moaning about admittance prices etc.  Statistically speaking, the club has never been closer to ceasing to exist as it does tonight.  At every other "final" court case we have at least walked unaided into the dock to hear the verdict.  This time, the death sentence has already been passed, and we are entirely dependent on an outsider deciding whether he can be bothered to commute our walk to the gallows to life at Latimer Park (or at least 5 years).

We all wish Ritchie and his, hopefully, crack unit of expert litigators all the best for tomorrow.  We can but hope that at least one amongst the team arguing on our behalf is a descendant of the famous barrister, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Massingberd-Massingberd, VC, DFC and bar, who, if Edmund Blackadder is to be believed, really is the best legal mind to have in your corner when it comes to the crunch.

We can all think of a thousand good reasons why the Poppies should be allowed to continue.  We could list dozens of golden memories here.  Numerous examples when the town was brought together by 11 blokes in red, kicking a football around a muddy field.  But, at the end of the day, they all count for nought in the face of the courts, a judge, and a businessman, who for reasons best known to himself, seems intent on finishing us and getting no money, rather than working with us and taking home the thick end of 70K.

Hope to see you all on the other side tomorrow when we can get back to simply moaning about how rubbish we are!


  1. I really hope we're not calling Baldrick up as a witness?!

  2. Fuck you Ladaak!!We will never die

  3. YES!!! Ru$hden & Diamond$ can kiss my arse!

  4. 141 years and still going how long did Rats and Dogs last again

  5. Up the mighty poppies and arise sir ritchie

  6. The greatest legal counsel in England was Bob Massingbird. Sir Hugh Massingbird-Massingbird was head of the Royal Flying Corp.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. A bit late...but thanks!