Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bugger Orf, Brazil!

This makes fascinating, and humbling reading. 

Poppies - Just Giving Campaign

Hearing from Ritchie last night how indebted the Club are to the 30+ grand raised by the Just Giving site and the Trust's continuing efforts, makes you realise just how close we have come to going out of business forever.

After the remaining monies "owed" to Keith C*ntsins are paid over tomorrow (Wednesday) there's no one out there making it their job in life to destroy us.  With the exception of a few inbred spuds down the A6 of course....

Seeing how many individuals, a lot with no connection to the Poppies pledged their money to keep us alive is one of the few heartening developments in the modern game, where the Internet and people who care about grassroots football came together.  There's no way to properly thank everyone who helped us survive.  So we won't even bother to try!

Instead we'll take this opportunity to say, "Thanks for nothing, South America!"  Looking at the map of the world, we see funds coming from a few barely acknowledged footballing hotspots such as Vietnam, Canada and Thailand.  But the Poppies received an obvious, "F*ck you" from the hosts of next year's World Cup!    That said, we got sod all from the next two countries lined up to host the game we Brits invented, Russia and Qatar!

So, PATGOD will happily lead the Poppies-supporting world in calling for a boycott of Argentinian beef, Colombian narcotics, Brazilian muff-cuts, Russian vodka, and Qatari.....whatever Qatari produce!

Qatar - would have loved to help out,
but are a bit short till payday

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