Monday, 21 October 2013

How did we forget to ask about the Alumasc Parking situation?

A lot of questions were asked at last week's meeting.  Some trivial questions were asked, about such things as Winding-up orders.  Some more important questions were also asked, like when we will have chips available at home games.

But none of us remembered to ask if any headway has been made with borrowing / hiring Alumasc's enormous and empty car park on match days.  It is laudable that the club has plans for building and growing the Poppies, but if we can't get access to this enormous car park on our doorstep any future growth might be hampered.

Item One - Every game sees dozens of cars parked on the grass verges on Polwell Lane, just waiting for an officious plod to come along and indulge in the easiest mass ticketing binge of their lives. 

Item Two - The parking issues for locals who must be sick of us descending on their streets every fortnight.

Item Three - An enormous, 98% empty car park, which backs onto Latimer Park.

Surely there can be a way where Item Three can ease the issues of Item One and Two?  If nothing else, I would imagine that the Police would prefer to see numerous parking problems could be eradicated by using an existing, adjacent facility?

Obviously, with the club saved, our club officials have nothing much to do (!)  Presumably this will be the next cause to take up!  C'mon Ritchie, get it sorted!

No room at the inn for Poppies fans


  1. Have asked and they have said no.

  2. have you notice all the big firms have done nothing to help the club like our council they are a load of greedy b------