Sunday, 14 September 2014

Egoista, me?

I'm not really looking for the sympathy vote, or even moderate empathy, but for a moment last Tuesday I rather hoped the floodlights remained off. Such an action may have ultimately cost us 3-points, and a healthy chunk of numbers in the "Goals For" column. But, nursing a glass of something most acceptable, watching the sun set blazingly over the Mediterranean whilst listening to the hit-an-miss radio service from Latimer Park, the sudden loss of power to the floodlights gave me a moment's weakness. "If there's no sparky in the crowd, those lights won't be coming back on" I mused. "That means I'll be back home for the rescheduled game." "I won't miss out!" But then, I gave way to the better part of my nature. Let the game finish, I generously thought. The lights came back on and the game was completed without me. I called the barman over and re-ordered. Something cool for the warm, sweet night. questa รจ la vita

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