Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Finally, some good news from NN9

With 2015 on the horizon, our thoughts turn to our late, lamented home on the banks of the Nene, and the fervent hopes that the excellent businessmen who own the excellent site can make an acceptable return on their investment.  We dread to think that the Hills, and Cousens of this world do not make a maximum financial return.  We can't think of many other people who deserve to succeed as much as these fine gentlemen.

News that the Nene Park site is to be developed has been splashed all over the local media -

According to the report, elements of the history of Rushden & Diamonds FC will be incorporated into any new development on the site.  There are no reports yet whether this will take the form of a statue of a one-eyed cattle fondler, or painting of an enormous bag of money, or a mural of an enormous white elephant.

Not that this is the only vagueness contained in the report.  Unless others much cleverer than us know exactly what a "leisure zone" and a shopping zone" are.

All we hope is that when the demolition of the football ground commences we are all given plenty of notice to allow us to purchase enormous sledgehammers, and drink lots of fluid to ensure we can piss all over the place as we smash the f*cking hole up.

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