Saturday, 20 September 2014

Trying to fix things that ain't broke

Not able to go to today's game away to Marlow. This time last year I would be settling down to listen to the screechingly-partisan, wonderfully amateur efforts of Poppies Radio where, if I was lucky, I'd eventually find out the score. Not now unfortunately.

As admirable as Ritchie's efforts are to raise additional funds with his Poppies TV venture, few people would argue that the current service emanating from is fit to lace the boots of the former supplier of Poppies coverage. There are obviously a lot of transmission issues that need to be overcome. Somehow radio coverage from all corners of the Southern League Central Division was possible last season, but not this. What's changed?

Presently the official site, rather than covering our heroes (hopefully) putting Marlow to the sword, is alternating between adverts for something that could either be a new movie, or possibly a video game ( I am of an age that, these days I often can't tell the difference), and random highlights of 50-odd minutes against Daventry. Somehow we've managed to find a big wedge of footage against Daventry without a Poppies goal in it. That takes some doing...!

  All of this begs the question as to why Poppies Radio was pulled before the new service was properly tested and readily available? Live TV at this level? We are 10 games into the season and online coverage has been patchy at best. Was this new venture always going to be a step too far? As I keep refreshing Poppynet and KTFC Forum for updates, it certainly seems so at the moment.

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