Thursday, 4 September 2014

Henry, why do you keep thinking the grass is greener?

News that Henry may well be on his way out of the club yet again shouldn't really surprise us.  He'll pop off for a while.  Realise he's not quite as good as he thinks he is (at least without Tommy alongside him).  Sit on the bench at Kings Lynn for a few games.  Then get back here in time to scoop Player of the Year again!

From what we are led to believe, Henry is entirely reliant on other people to get him to and from games and training.  That's all well and good if Kings Lynn have someone who is (a) domiciled in Birmingham, (b) guaranteed to keep playing for Kings Lynn, and (c) happy to act as Henry's taxi service.

Failing that we have looked into Henry's options using public transport.

On Saturdays, by train, Henry will have a cosy 7-hours roundtrip with a cheery hour-long stop over in Ely.  Hope Henry is on a good screw, because a return ticket would cost over 60 notes.

A cheaper option would be make the journey by coach.  The good news is that it costs half as much as the train.  The bad news is that he would need to catch the coach on Friday afternoon, and spend 6 hours getting to Kings Lynn on Friday night.  Get a room.  Play Saturday afternoon.  There's good news for the return journey in as much as it's an hour shorter.  There's more bad news however as this bus doesn't leave until Sunday morning, meaning a second overnight in Kings Lynn.  All told, a pretty tiring 48 hour door-to-door outing.  Phew!

Who knows, the next time he comes knocking on Ritchie's door, no-one might answer.....

Henry Eze presents Ken Samuel with the Poppies Award for Loyalty.
The one award Henry himself is unlikely to ever win.


  1. Bit harsh, I can't fault a player if he wants to challenge himself at a higher level. Nothing wrong with that?

  2. I suppose it depends on whether or not you believe that pulling on a Poppies top is the greatest honour and thrill any professional or semi professional footballer can aspire to.....!

    1. I guess he just wants to win something!

    2. By signing for Kings Lynn?

  3. Poppies were around before and will be around long after