Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Noddy, Mickey and Jock

Two home draws against Corby Town in a pair of utterly pointless cup games was always likely to result in a couple of outcomes.  Firstly, more than likely defeats, and secondly, lots of happy, boisterous sweaties.

There's something about playing the Poppies that brings out numbers from across the Exeter Estate and Danesholme, who unless Glasgow Rangers were up at the Triangle, wouldn't cross the road to watch their town's football team.  The love for the 'Gers and hatred for Kettering may satisfactorily occupy Corby's floating supporters, but it must infuriate those people who have tried to run CTFC over the years.

How pissed off must previous Chairmen like Pete Mallinger, Kevin Ingram, and now Steve Noble be at seeing hordes of supposed supporters who are happy to travel away to boost the coffers of the Poppies but find compelling reasons to resist the urge to click the turnstiles at Steel Park?  The club could probably run at a profit if only they could play in a league made up of just themselves, us and Scotland's most painfully medieval religious-based football team.

But who can deny their once-a-seasoners (actually, twice-a-seasoners this year) an evening of unbridled joy at defeating the auld enemy.  The chance to celebrate long into the night.  Hell, they didn't have the nerve to become an independent country, but when it comes to beating the Poppies the plastic-jocks party like it was 1314AD (Look it up, under Bannockburn, Battle of-)

We hate to deflate our County cousin's delight, but the average Kettering fan's reaction to this game can be summed up by a mate who bemoaned that we had been knocked out of,  "The Red Insure Cup, or the County Cup, or whatever....!"

Noddy or Mickey indeed!

" I couldn't be happier if this bath was full of scotch pies and
Braveheart was on telly every night!"

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