Friday, 13 January 2012

What Goes Around

Even though our Club might soon cease to exist, the fact that supporters are due to show Imraan the red card tomorrow makes me chuckle.  Who can forget the Leeds game where a bright-eyed, excited Imraan eagerly bounced in front of the ITV cameras to have a dig at the Council and wave his own red card.  true, we all felt the same as Imraan, and were soon waving our own red cards at our numb-nuts councillors.

As ever with publicity stunts it proved to be a 5 minute wonder.  Somehow the Council survived.  They still don't give a damn about the Poppies.  Leeds bloody well equalised.  Imraan (and Ben Pickering) didn't get their Manchester United pay day.  And Imraan didn't get his new ground with excellent facilities until we moved into the recently departed husk of the Scum last summer.

And what an excellent job Imraan has made of utilising all of the wondrous facilities at Non Park.  It does make you wonder how much of a fluke his successful locum business was when measured against his record since.  Burger bar in Rocky Road car park. Hmm. Blink-and-you'll-miss-it Insurance company.  Well.... Chinese restaurant in a football ground, outside a god-fearing village where they would probably burn at the stake anyone of oriental appearance.  What was he thinking?

Happier days.  Happier demonstrations. 
Equally miserable Poppies fans

It seems the only successful innovation Imraan has overseen at his time at the Poppies was the organisation of his red card demonstration.  It must have been a good idea, because it would appear he is going to be on the receiving end of a similar stunt on Saturday.  Or at least his empty seat in the Director's box will feel the withering blast of a few pieces or red card waved around, in a rapidly depopulated, and unloved stadium!

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