Saturday, 14 January 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

Frozen conditions.  Is the game on?  How to find out?  Call the club and speak to one of the club staff (as if!)  What about checking club website?  It's OK for finding out what meal will be available for pre-match dining, or if you want the stats of players like Jon Challinor, or Manager Morrell Maison!  We can even see the stats of greats like Roy Clayton (184 goals in 462 games), or Brett Solkhon (curiously 0 goals in 0 games...)

However, when it comes to less important information such as, are we actually playing today, or is the Chairman intent on destroying the club, we are less well served.

There is also a handy section detailing our collection of officials and authorised blaze-wearers.

Club President - Sid Chapman

Chairman - Imraan Ladak
Finance Director - VACANT
Operations Director - VACANT
Non-Executive Director - Lee Thorn
Non-Executive Director - Elio Buizza
Associate Director - Adrian Wright
Associate Director - Gary Foreman
Associate Director - Bryony Gates
Associate Director - Gary Graham
First Team Manager - Mark Stimson
Assistant Manager - Scott Barrett
Club Secretary - Mike Cobb-Pernak
Community & Schools Liaison Officer - Mike Cobb-Pernak
Club Doctor - Dr David Thomas
Safety Officer - Mark Brace
Groundsman - Paul Knowles (Greenbay Maintenance)
Programme Team - Terry Brumpton And Excel Print
Club Photographer - Mike Capps (Kappasport)
Webmaster - SLAMJAM

I can't say I'm totally familiar with the set-up at Non Park, but I'd be surprised if Messrs Stimson, Knowles or Thorn would confirm the accuracy of this list.  Interestingly the main triumvirate of Chairman, Operations & Finance Directors are all sadly lacking.  OK, there is at least a name under the title of Chairman, but, come on, surely this one is a joke?

Just another symptom of a club that if you said was run in an amateurish fashion, you would be insulting amateurs.

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  1. or Mike Cobb who let some time ago