Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Is Imraan actually "well?"

If you knew someone who had made a string of calamitous decisions, blamed everyone else for their failings, didn't to turn up to important meetings, and changed his mind every other day, you would be worried for their state of mind.

Yet, this is how Imraan has come across these past few months.  We've all been quick to criticise his increasingly curious behaviour and outbursts, but could this be symptomatic of someone struggling with their mental health?

Ever since he moved us to Non Park, with absolutely no idea of how to run or fund the site, his decision making has been highly suspect.  Employing Morrell and handing our long, lucrative contracts to players who had shown nothing during pre-season other than they fully understood the term "all you eat buffet" showed further lack of judgement.

Assuming that the new facilities would somehow, automatically generate income without him actually doing anything could be a sign of shoddy business acumen.  Alternatively could it be evidence of failing thought process?

His infamous blaming of everyone and everything else for mistakes that he made could be further evidence of a vague grasp on reality.

From the moment he announced the club was for sale he has changed his mind daily about what he intends to do. Firstly he is happy to give the club up.  Next he wants a couple of hundred thousands to sell up.  Next he wants investors to give him money, but insisting that (for God alone knows what reason) he remain as Chairman. Suddenly the club debt is given at over a million?  Does he even know what he wants or what we owe anymore?

Add into this mix his oft-suggested, alleged all-night online gambling "hobby", and you have to wonder how long he can carry on.  We fear he hasn't grasped how close to folding the club is.  All we can hope is that his close friends or family can get through to him, and, if necessary, get him some help.  Preferably before he drives the club fully onto the rocks.

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