Saturday, 28 January 2012

Imraan releases JP from lifetime contract shock!

Imraan's lack of interest in our survival has been proved this week by a couple of things.  Firstly there is his ongoing refusal to actually leave the club.  Every day he remains here the less like a football club we become.

Has he been negotiating with people prepared to take on the Poppies, and pay off the unknown number of debts that HE has run up?  No.  Has he been dealing with HMRC to prevent them winding the club up?  No.  Has he even been helping to organise transport for his players to get to away games?  Of course not - such acts are far beneath a man as important as Imraan.  Again, much better to let others do the job that he should be doing. 

Other than bizarre all-night Poppynet Q&A sessions and launching pathetic online petitions against James Cann and DRC, it would seem that all Imraan is doing is treading water.  He is allowing us to remain in limbo, presumably hanging around for the cheques from Luton Town FC and DRC to hit the "Welcome" mat before considering our survival.

"Ta la me de canard"
The second sign that Imraan doesn't really give a flying f*ck for our future is the fact that he has allowed JP to leave us.  Regardless of whether or not you are a JP fan, or believe his best days are behind him (or indeed both!) his permanent departure is significant.  Imraan is by far JP's biggest fan.  Allowing him to leave is the best indicator yet that Imraan has lost all interest in us.  He can barely be bothered to attend our games as it is.  Without the enticement of seeing his beloved French ball-juggler, it is difficult to imagine Imraan ever making it back to the ground that he has saddled us with.

As for JP, you'll have to look elsewhere for his stats, as I don't have a clue.  He has been exciting, dazzling, annoying and, recently, angry in a Poppies shirt.  Often over the course of a single game!  He has silky skills in his feet, and a stinger of a right hook, as "Glass-jaw" Ashikodi will testify.  Hopefully JP will enjoy a few more good days at Tamworth, but he may not have the time to win their fans over.  We all loved JP because we have seen so much of the best of him that we are prepared to overlook the rubbishy bits.  He will have to hit the ground running in order to give the Tamworth fans enough good times to carry him over the tedious passages.  Does he have the hunger and fight to do this?  Don't know.  We'll see.

JP's departure has freed up the post of "Mr Kettering" for Patrick Noubissie to take on full time after having a trial run whilst JP went on sabbatical to bugger up Corby's promotion charge.  It's a big step up for Pat who has gone from midfield square-ball passenger to thrusting, overlapping full back in recent seasons.  And who knows, if he continues to perform manfully for us, one day I may even be able to type his surname without looking up the spelling!

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  1. JP's 1st trial at Stony Stratford MM got very frustrated screaming does he speak eennglish! Andy Hall's Dad was mystified at all the noise during the session - a guy came out of the pavilion as IL was passing (not the ball) and asked how was it that MM had convinced him to employ him as a manager whilst having fits of laughter! Ah yes I remember it well - Maurice Chevelier.