Saturday, 16 June 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Poppies creditors agree CVA!  Local businesses voted unanimously for 10p in the £.  Well done them!  And the club hopes to count on their support in the future!  Better install extra phone lines to cope with the demand.   

Admission to Southern League approved!  Yes it’s a new dawn in the 7th tier, where most grounds have floodlights and ALL have a fence all the way around the pitch.

Manager to be appointed “soon”!  We can’t wait. Let’s hope he has previous experience at Cambridge Utd involving cold showers, long grass and booting the ball into the stratosphere.

Squad to stay full time!  Disregard anything you may have seen to the contrary in the CVA proposal – George said full time and he means it!  It’s such a brilliant idea you wonder why no Evostik Premier club has tried it before.

Rolls vows to fight betting charges!  Way to go George!  The FA must be mad if they think they can prove every one of those 3076 breaches.

Diamonds Centre renamed!  Yes in a welcome break with the past it’s now the Jubilee Centre. And what could be more fitting than a colour scheme of red, white and blue?

GR celebrates the CVA with friends


  1. How can Rolls afford to pay full-time wages in a league two divisions below the Blue Square Premier? Has he learned no lessons from last season? Where is the money going to come from - not through the turnstiles that's for sure! Oh yes, it will come from all the events he plans at Nene Park such as the overpriced Ron Atkinson after-dinner talk? How many ordinary Poppies fans could afford £45 for this? Did this event even take place or was it cancelled due to lack of interest? We the fans should be told...

  2. He can't.
    Probably not.
    Sorry, was that a question?
    Not many I'd imagine.