Monday, 18 June 2012

Snapshot of the Poppies

So, as of Monday 18th June how do we stand?


Well, we've finally decided to let John Beck have a (literal) punt.  Hasn't really managed a team in over a decade, but must have been a hero to a teenage George Rolls back in the day.  PATGOD can proudly claimed to have seen this move coming some weeks ago.  Almost.  Back on April 7th we wrote,

"Poor old John Beck has applied for the job for what seems like the tenth time - leave it John, have some pride for heaven's sake!"

Not the most obvious endorsement of the new gaffer, unless you concentrate solely on the words we've helpfully underlined!


Who knows.  The last one still hasn't quite been shaken off, and the new one is drowning under an avalanche of FA betting charges.  It's fair to say, GR's reputation has preceded him, and worrying signs that it may be getting tarnished further.  It's not so much that some Poppies fans trust him and some don't.  More that he's simply not trusted at varying levels between, "No-one else wants the club, we might as well let him have a go", through to "If he shook my hand I'd check my watch, rings, and count my fingers afterwards!"


The news that Diamonds-bubble perm Thompson is set to become operations manager at Non Park has gone down like the proverbial rattlesnake in a lucky dip in Poppy-town.  Not content with presiding over the destruction of the Inbreds it looks like she'll be given the chance to do it again with us.  We cannot believe that she is the only person who can do this job (administrating the club that is, not the destroying part).  GR should think long and hard before getting into bed with HT (as in employing her, not.....eeugh!)

The Team

We might have a goalie, a full back and a midfielder.  Perhaps.

Poppies supporters

We're more split than a multi-faction Banana-Splits convention taking place in the Croatian city of Split.  No two fans have the same opinion on anything, beyond a tenuous hope that the club somehow survive, get back into the Conference, and magically move back to Kettering.  And there are roughly a thousand different ideas about how this should happen.  Friend has turned on friend.  Families are at loggerheads.  It's all very sad, but it does give us something to moan about, which is always welcome!

Rockingham Road

Rocky Road is being systematically sold off bit by bit by one time saviours, now chief architects of our downfall - The Pickerings.  For all the sh*t-for-brains Ladak posturing and KBC's vindictive attempts to thwart the club at every turn, the ugly greed of our former landlord has dumped us several miles away, playing Mickey Mouse level football.  Good luck with putting housing our ground you bunch of leeches - there are plenty of us who will raise about a million planning objections every time you even breathe the words "affordable housing".

But with our home being slowly carted away to places like Alfreton FFS, I'm starting to fear that this ridiculous Non Park experiment may actually be for real.....

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