Saturday, 23 June 2012

The West Country W*nkers Part One of Two

May as well start as we mean to go on, and offend as many people as possible in our new league! 
Let's start with the Granddaddy of a journey down to Devon.

Bideford AFC

Miles from the Holy City - 236
Population of town - 14,500
Ground Capacity - 2000
Home Colours - All Red (time for us to break out the QPR kits)
Nickname - Robins
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 193

"Must Know"Facts - Swept to promotion last season, without losing a home game (er....)  70's superstar and managerial bottler, Kevin Keegan is an Honorary VP at the club.  Bideford is NOT Barnstaple, apparently.

Chippenham Town FC

Miles from the Holy City - 110
Population of town - 42,000
Ground Capacity - 2800
Home Colours - All Blue
Nickname - Bluebirds
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 372

"Must Know"Facts - Club formed a full 12 months later than the Poppies - bloody Johnny-come-latelys!  Birthplace of former Norwich forward Darren Eadie.  A, for once, genuinely interesting fact is that they lost the last ever FA Vase final at the old Wembley, mirroring our own defeat in that season's FA Trophy.  Ooer!

Frome Town FC

Miles from the Holy City - 165 (according to Google maps, although, curiously Chippenham and Frome are only 22 miles apart.....)
Population of town - 24,000
Ground Capacity - 3000
Home Colours - All Red
Nickname - Robins (What? Again?  C'mon guys, show a bit of imagination!)
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 279

"Must Know"Facts - The less miserable of England's top two Formula One drivers, Jenson Button hails from Frome.  As does the slightly more miserable of the top two stars of the "Fast Show" - Charlie Higson.  No one is quite sure whether the place is pronounced "FrOOme, or "FrOWme".

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