Saturday, 30 June 2012

The West Country W*nkers Part Two of Two

Due to unprecedented demand (thanks John), here's our second installment where we try our damndest to annoy more bumpkins ahead of them spanking us in the league in a few week's time.

Gosport Borough FC

Miles from the Holy City - 160
Population of borough - 80,000
Ground Capacity - 4500
Home Colours - Yellow & Blue
Nickname - The Boro' (Yawn!)
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 263

"Must Know" Facts - Promoted from the South & West Division into the Premier via an extra time play-off win, with 73 year old Steve Claridge scoring a brace in his last ever game (unless George makes him an offer too good to actually pay refuse. Gosport is a stone's throw from Portsmouth, and currently are due to overtake Pompey in the footballing pyramid by 2015.

AFC Totton

Miles from the Holy City - 147
Population of town - 28,000
Ground Capacity - 3000
Home Colours - White & Blue
Nickname - The Stags
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 442

"Must Know" Facts - The town boasts two football clubs. That's right, they are 1/3 the size of Kettering and manage to accommodate twice as many teams as our Borough. Perhaps their Council doesn't consider their number one priority to destroy their number one asset?  Not to be confused with "Tottenham".

Weymouth FC

Miles from the Holy City - 200
Population of town - 53,000
Ground Capacity - 6600
Home Colours - Kinda purplie-type colour
Nickname - The Terras
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 549

"Must Know" Facts - Hey, a team we actually know and have played against!  Woo-hoo!  Could prove to be an interesting afternoon down there for our would-be-will-he-be-allowed-to-be-possible-future-owner George.  He certainly seems to have left noses out of joint and knickers well and truly in a twist with his comings and goings on the South Coast.  That said, he's left there now, and they still exist.  I hope we're in a position to say the same one day.

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