Monday, 15 October 2012

Another day in paradise

So, what has Monday brought us?  Reportedly a non-payment of the CVA.  Not that anyone should blame Imraan for this.  He himself would be far too much of a gentleman to point out that the CVA was instigated by Georgy-boy, with Gary Graham as the patsy signatory.  Yes, Imraan would never blame these two gentleman for this latest millstone around our neck.  Partly because he is too polite, but mainly we suspect because even a cursory view of events would trace the NEED for a CVA back to his inept rule and monstrous overspending.

Not sure if there's much of a market for
Peter (Shorty) Short look-a-likes, but Laurie
would clean up!
Other than the club bumbling another step closer to the abyss, what else has this fine autumn day delivered?  Oh yes, Laurie Walker has finally grown a pair and left the club.  That may sound a bit harsh, but I'd like to think if my employer had abused me as badly as he'd been abused I wouldn't have hung around so long.  Don't gripe on twitter, or let your dad moan to Poppynet - move on.  If another club isn't interested, perhaps (I know this sounds insane) get a job outside football!  The rest of us have done it.  I'm glad for his sake that he has finally kicked the club into touch, as he often did with the football!

I suppose by a case of elimination this leaves Phil Ifil as the unchallenged "Mr Kettering!"

Another story going around is that a portable generator has arrived at Non Park.  Not for us mind you.  No, this is to run the rest of the site, because, if you remember, Imraan successfully negotiated for the Poppies to pay the electricity for the entire complex, regardless of whether it was anything to do with us!  Bravo Mr Chairman!  I wouldn't be surprised if the cost for this was tacked onto our debts. 

Not that that will be bothering us soon.

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