Thursday, 25 October 2012

Will no one put us out of our misery?

The Executive of the Southern League have now met with the Club's hierarchy (which all sounds rather grander than we suspect the meeting was...)  And the outcome was - another stay of execution.  As we all continue to find other activities to occupy our Saturdays KTFC continues it's limbo existence for a little longer.

Although, for some unknown reason, PATGOD wasn't invited to yesterday's meeting we believe that based on our knowledge of the participants we can pretty accurately sum the exchanges up.

What Imraan said - "Not my fault.  DRC money forthcoming.  Potential investors.  Not my fault.  We were forced out of Rockingham Road and I had to saddle us with Non Park.  Online Poker.  Sleeping giant.  Did I mention it wasn't my fault?"

What Imraan meant - "Colin Hill's brothers know where I live!"

What the Southern League said - "We have given KTFC 7-days to confirm certain criteria and assure the league as to a number of outstanding questions arising from their continued participation in this competition."

What the Southern League meant - "Great, if you go pop it's gonna make our Micky Mouse league look even shittier than it is!"

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